I’m Edric Teo. I currently live in a tiny island call Singapore.

My tech journey started in 2012 where I took a course in Infocomm Security Management. The decision to take up this course was when a group of students from the course presented about wireless security during one of the assembly sessions back in my secondary school.

In 2015, I started this site to publish my first advisory on a security bug. I try to make an effort to report a security bug every once in a while as a way to contribute to the opensource community.

After completing my National Service in 2017, I pursued Computer Science at the National University of Singapore with computer security as my focus area.

When I am not working on this blog, I am writing codes to enhance my scripting capabilities.

Why do you blog?

I started this blog to publish my first advisory and soon I used it as a way for me to express my thoughts and to document my journey in the tech world.

In the past, I generally wrote on security topics however recently I started writing on other domains.

I spotted a mistake in your blog, what do I do?

As much as there are bugs in my code, there will be grammatical errors in my posts or worse, a logic error. I appreciate your time in reading my post and you can reach out to me using the email below.

How can I reach you?

[email protected]