- 2020

New Year, New Updates 🎆🎉

I would like to start this blog post by wishing you a Happy New Year and thanking everyone who participated in year 0 of It has been 6 months since the launch and we have raised a total of $76.63 during this period.

In the past couple of weeks, I have also made some changes to the project which would be elaborated subsequently.

In the last month of 2019, we raised $17.43. Similar to the previous months, we will be supporting Book Beyond Borders in their efforts to “lift the bottom of the pyramid out of extreme poverty”.

In my last post, I had mentioned that the Beneficiary section would make its last appearance. This is because Adcause is partnering with Book Beyond Borders for 2020.

New Partnership (Book Beyond Borders)

On 6 December 2019, I contacted Randall, the co-founder of Book Beyond Borders (BBB), asking if he would be interested for a partnership.

This partnership means that Adcause would gain exposure passively as BBB would give us a simple shout out whenever they hold or attend an event. However, I made it clear that it is not an obligation for them to do so, and they would do so at their own discretion.

In return, I have pledged to donate all raised funds to BBB for the whole of 2020. However, we may still exercise retaining 20% of the funds for external services such as paid advertisement as described in this post.

This partnership not only benefits both parties but it also serves as an example that by working together locally, we can achieve much more.

Randall agreed to this partnership, and I am very thankful for it.

New Frame

I had dubbed what you see in a new tab as a “Frame”. This allows me to communicate with clarity from this point on. Over the past weeks, I had made several changes to the frame.

The first thing you might notice is that there are numbers appearing at the top right corner of the frame. The top number represents the total amount that we had raised over the course of this project and it will be updated together with the monthly updates.

The bottom number is the total number of tabs that you have opened on that particular browser. This means that resetting the browser, changing the browser or using a different computer will reset the number back to 0. This happens because the value is stored locally on your computer itself (for security and efficiency purposes). It serves as a guide as to how many tabs you had opened on that device.

Secondly, I’ll bring your attention to the bottom left. Beside privacy policy and terms of service, there is “Updates” which is clickable. Upon clicking “Updates”, the Facebook page of Adcause would be loaded on top of the frame.

This would be the new way of communication and keeping Adcauser updated to the monthly updates and latest development of the project. Occasionally, when there are huge changes which deserve a post, I’ll then be linking it in the Facebook page.

p.s. if you have not liked the Facebook page, please do like the page!

Thirdly, for those who are observant, you would have realised that the wallpaper does not change every time a new tab is opened. This is because instead of replacing old wallpaper images, I will be adding to the pool. As the pool of images grows, eventually there will a huge pool of images which would deteriorate the loading time. By loading only 1 wallpaper a day, it allows us to be sure that only the first load time will be affected by load time as the subsequent tabs would be loaded from the cache locally. This in theory would improve the load time.

These are the new wallpapers that were was added to the pool.

In addition to wallpapers, you should also start seeing new mantras and quotes.

Lastly, I would like to discuss about the load time. Since the start of this project, I have actively looked out for ways to optimise as much as I can. However, there is only so much that I can optimise, and other times, it is beyond my control that it loads slowly because sometimes it is due to other extensions. I had removed New Relic and Google Analytics script from the frame in another attempt to improve load time, so as of now I have no statistics on how fast the frame is loading.

If you experience any significant waiting time, do drop me a message using the Facebook page and I will look into it.

This project generates donation by displaying advertisements, and since the start, I had intentions of allowing companies to advertise their products/services at a fixed rate in order for us to raise donations effectively. Currently, I’m still working on what should be allowed to advertise and how the workflow would be to accept advertisements and payments. After all, the implementation has to be scalable and future proof. So stay tuned for the upcoming updates.

New Landing Page

If you visit right now, you will be greeted with a new landing page. Similar to the previous landing page, this new landing page is simplistic and outlines the idea of the project. In addition, the call to action is dynamic and the link to the extension changes depending on the browser you are using. Currently, both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported.

New Project Home

This section is for developers who wish to contribute to an open-sourced project.

I had shifted the project over to Github instead of running on Gitlab. Github is mostly taught in an academic institute, so the motivation to shift the project over to a platform where students are familiar is an attempt to reduce the friction and encourage contributions.

New Maintainer

The last announcement is that Zheng Wei will be joining me in maintaining the project.

I have known Zheng Wei for 7 years and during these years he has been actively been involved with most of my side projects. His thought process is incredibly unique and often brings about alternative solutions to the table. I could not think of another candidate that is more suitable than Zheng Wei and it is a privilege for me to have him on board this project.

I look forward to the future technical challenges and I am sure we would overcome it together.

Ending 2019

2019 was an exceptional year for me and this project. What started out as a simple idea turned out to be a tangible project which serves to do good and also allowed me to set directions of my own project.

As much as I would like to see growth in this project over the years, rapid growth is not something that I am seeking. This project will be here to stay over the next few decades and besides using it as a tool to generate donations, I hope it serves as an inspiration for the future techies to put their knowledge into good use. #techforgood