- End of Year Zero

The beginning of something great.

Here’s a short update on Adcause.

In the month of November 2019, we have collectively collected SGD$14.90. While the amount decreased from the previous months, that’s the beauty of doing good, isn’t it?

No amount is too much and more importantly, no amount is too little.


There’s nothing special this month as to which organisation we are donating to. We are continuing to support BooksBeyondBorder.

Over the weekend, they ran their first-ever charity book sale event which was gathered during the past months as mentioned in earlier blog posts.

This “Beneficiary” section will probably be the last appearance as I have some really exciting news to announce in the next iteration of Adcause.

In the next iteration of Adcause, there will be several new updates (7 to be exact). These updates are made as Adcause transits to its first year.

I will be writing about these updates in detail once they are ready.

In the meanwhile, thank you for your trust, support and understanding during these 4-month trial and I look forward to more users using this extension!

Till then, cheers!