- First Month

We raised enough funds to buy a pen! 🖊️

I would like to start this post by thanking those who participated in the initial phase of this project.

We have collectively collected SGD$2.13 for the month of August 2019.

While this isn’t a huge amount, it proved to be a working model - raising funds with little to no effort.

If you are thinking why the other information are redacted, it is because this is part of Adsense’s terms. So the best I could do is to show the gross amount.


For the first donation, I have decided that Books Beyond Borders (BBB) is an excellent choice.

The two founders of BBB, Randall and Bryan, in their words left their jobs to pursue a simple mission:

We empower people to lift themselves out of poverty by creating learning opportunities for all.

BBB is a registered non-profit organisation in Singapore but not an Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) or charity. IPCs and charities are able to issue tax-deductible receipts for tax benefits.

Since BBB operates outside of Singapore, this is not applicable to them.

BBB had launched several campaigns over the years and they are transparent with their spending that you can track over here.

Sustainability of BBB

Randall also told me that all funds raised goes directly to the field. What this means is that while they are a non-profit organisation, they do not take a cut to sustain themselves.

So the next question would be, how are they running and operating all their projects?


Currently, they are utilising funds that they had saved before quitting their jobs to focus on BBB. In the long run, they wish to sell merchandises and work with brands that is willing to donate which would help them cover their operating cost.

If you have any questions regarding the cause, you can email Randall (co-founder) at randall [at]

You can also check out their Facebook page or their website.

Changes to Adcause

I made several changes over the past month while testing different settings on the caching levels.

Adblocker Detector

Immediately after installation, Adcausers with ad-blocker would see a friendly reminder at the top indicating that their ad-blocker is working.

This piece of logic was taken from Jonathon’s blog post and it utilises the HEAD as the HTTP method which significantly reduces the request size.

Compressed Images

Initially I had doubts if compressing images would improve the performance since it’s just a difference in the few bytes. But according to New Relic’s stats it actually reduced the load times (unfortunately I did not take screenshots).

Number of Images Rotation

I had originally included 7 images for rotation. In an attempt to reduce the page load time, I try to cache as much as I could locally.

What this means is that once the image is loaded, it would be stored in your browser cache. So next New Tab’s background would load from the cache instead.

I decided to find for 7 images, how many new tabs would an Adcauser open before all 7 images are cached.

I asked around and Kenneth prompted me to the Coupon Collector Problem which allowed me to calculate the expected number of times a new tab is required to fully cache all 7 images.

The following formula is from Wikipedia:

{\\displaystyle \\operatorname {E} (T)=n\\cdot H

It turns out that the expected value is ~10.45619, which in my opinion isn’t that huge of a number.

Quality of Advertisements

Google allows publishers to have some control over the type of advertisements to be displayed.

In an attempt to improve the quality of advertisement, I had turned off majority of the categories in the sensitive section.

I would continue to monitor and improve the user experience. For developers who wish to contribute your time, energy and expertise, you can do so at

Till then, let’s aim to raise a pencil case for the month of September.

Cheers :)