- Second month

We raised enough funds to buy a school bag! 🎒

The month of September 2019 was an amazing one. We have collectively collected SGD$13.37 and this is a 527% increase from the previous month!


This month we are continuing to support Books Beyond Borders in their mission to “empower people to lift themselves out of poverty by creating learning opportunities for all”.

If you are unaware, their latest campaign was to collect books through book drive donation and pretty soon they would be selling them to raise funds for their field work.

You can follow them on their facebook page for updates on this campaign.

Changes to Adcause

This iteration of changes revolves mainly around the images used and its optimisations.

New Images

As much as my poor sense for aesthetics, I try my best to find decent wallpapers. This iteration of images were selected and revised based on feedbacks given by some of the Adcausers.

They are all dark-themed so that the time and quote/mantra are readable.

Adoption of WebP

WebP is a modern image file format which is current developed by Google and is supported by most modern browsers with the exception of Safari and IE as of this writing. This isn’t a concern for now since I am only currently supporting the Chrome browser, however, fallback to JPEG is already supported using Modernizr.

There are two forms of compression - lossy and lossless.

The former reduces the data size by removing redundant information while the latter reduces data size by rewriting the data in an efficiently. Its a battle between retaining as much original data as possible and maximizing compression ratios.

WebP offers both lossy and lossless for compression and Adcause will primarily be serving images in the form of WebP with JPEG as fallback.

September was a good month, let’s aim to reach $25 for the month of October.

Do share this project with your friends and encourage them to use this extension!

Cheers :)