- Third month

We have raised enough stationaries for a class! 📝

I want to start this post with an apology. There are no special reasons for this long overdue post besides being caught up with school work and I would like to apologies for that.

In addition to October’s raised fund, I will be adding $10 as fine for this delayed post.

The month of October 2019 was an amazing one. We have collectively collected SGD$18.80 and that is a 41% increase from the previous month. Adding the fine, we are totalling at SGD$28.80.


This month we are still continuing to support Books Beyond Borders.

3 months back, they started their #1000reader campaign and they had raised $793 in book sales that were collected from donors. You can learn more about their mission to change the world through education on their website.

You can also follow them on their facebook page for updates on this campaign.

Since last month’s changes, you might realise that the load time for the wallpaper appears to be loading slower. And this is also supported by data collected using New Relic. I am still looking for a solution to address this.

In the next iteration (probably after my exams), I will also be including a total amount raised as suggested by one of BookBeyondBorder’s follower.

October was a good month, let’s aim to reach $25 for the month of November. As of this writing, we are at $7 flat, so let us work hard ;)

Do share this project with your friends and encourage them to use this extension!

Cheers :)